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WK13: Migration & Urban Transition

Re: Exam
  • Goes without saying that you may not copy word for word without attribution—that’s plagiarism
  • USE your own words! I’m not looking to see if you can Google (you shouldn't be using Internet at all) or read a textbook—I assume you can do both! I need to know you can explain the concepts in your own words—that you understand the concepts.
Couple questions for you:
  1. Do social scientists believe in bacteria and infections can cause death?
    • So how do they differ in their views from biological understandings of the causes of mortality and morbidity?
  2. How long did mortality rates take to decline in MDCs? Why?
  3. How long did birth rates take to decline in MDCs? Why
  4. Are mortality rates and birth rates declining in LDCs? How long is it taking for them to decline in LDCs?
  5. Explain the life expectancy rates for me e00=40, e50=50, and e600=13
  6. Are women in China living longer than men? What is the condition of males and females in China and India?
Return Homework
  • Please double space your writing!
  • Please correct your headers!
  • Look at your data! 
  • Report as 3.7/1,000 etc…you have to tell me the units!
  • If you report leading causes of death, lack of "advanced medical equipment", etc. you MUST cite references!
Some questions for you re: morbidity/mortality hmwk:
  1. Is having a baby dangerous in your LDCs? MDCs? How do you know?
  2. Are your populations healthy? How do you know?
  3. What is the trend of male/female life expectancy?
  4. Compare HALE at birth and e at birth—what does that tell you?